Monday, November 17, 2014

5th Grade-Week 6 Weather Forecasting

6th Lab Week

Concept: Forecasting Weather

Objective: Students will learn what influences weather and how to read the symbols of a weather map.

No Homework

weather map
air mass
cold front
warm front
stationary front

Questions of the Week:
•What is an air mass?
•What is a front?
•What kind of weather happens at a cold front?
•What kind of weather happens at a warm front?
•Why are the highest and lowest temperatures NEVER close to the ocean?
•What influence does the Pacific Ocean have on the weather of Los Angeles? Video of the Week: Weather 

Class Reading: FOSS Science Resources Read pages 236-250. Wonders CA Content Reader Read pgs 72-73.

What kind of weather happens at a warm front?
What kind of weather happens at a cold front?
Where is the wind blowing?

How does the Pacific Ocean effect the weather in Southern California?
Where are the highest and lowest temperatures located?

CA State Science Standards
4a. Students know the influence that the ocean has on the weather and the role that the water cycle plays in weather patterns.
4c. Students know how to use weather maps and data to predict local weather and know that weather forecasts depend on many variables.
4d. Students know that the Earth’s atmosphere exerts a pressure that decreases with distance above Earth’s surface and that at any point it exerts this pressure equally in all directions.

Friday, November 14, 2014

5th Grade-Week 5 Severe Weather

5th Lab Week

Concept: Severe Weather

Objective: Students will learn the different types of severe weather and where they occur in the United States.

No Homework


Questions of the Week:
•What is severe weather?
•What are the different types of severe weather?
•Where do hurricanes form?
•How does hail form?

•What kind of severe weather does California have? Video of the Week: ThunderstormsHurricanes and Tornadoes

Class Reading: FOSS Science Resources Read pages 227-235. Wonders CA Content Reader Read pgs 56-57, 62-63 & 68-69.

Recipe for tornadoes
Diagram of a tornado
Large hail
A satellite picture of a hurricane.
Diagram of a hurricane
CA State Science Standards

4c. Students know the causes and effects of different types of severe weather. 

1st Grade-Week 5 Weather Instruments

5th Lab Week

Concept: Weather Instruments

Objective: Students will learn how to use a thermometer to measure temperature.

wind speed

Question of the Week: How is temperature and wind speed measured? Video of the Week: Temperature

A thermometer
An anemometer and a wind vane

CA State Science Standards
3a. Students know how to use simple tools (e.g., thermometer, wind vane) to measure weather conditions and record changes from day to day and across the seasons.
3b. Students know that the weather changes from day to day but that trends in temperature or of rain (or snow) tend to be predictable during a season. 

NO SCIENCE LAB this week... but there's EXTRA CREDIT!!!

There is no Earth Science Lab this week due to Parent Conference Week.

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EXTRA CREDIT! Exploring Your Universe 2014 at UCLA on November 16th

Earn extra credit by going to the "Exploring You Universe 2014" event at UCLA.

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