Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Science and Math Night Workshops for October 10th, 2013

Science Workshops- All Grades
Workshop 1- Travel Through the Solar System: Create a planet and a solar system and then uncover a mystery picture in the Computer Lab
Computer Lab Room 7 Rice Grades: ALL
Workshop 2- Ice Cream in Bag: In this yummy activity participants will learn that temperature is measured with a thermometer and that salt lowers the freezing point of water.
Pergola Wilcox and Gantt Grades: ALL
Workshop 3- Oobleck! Come make Oobleck…a type of slime that has properties of both a solid and a liquid.
Room 20 Halsema Grades: ALL
Workshop 4- Rocket to Success: Learn how rockets move by build simple rockets.
Room 18 Frick-Lee Grades: ALL
Workshop 5- Recycling Truck: Learn what can and cannot be recycled and see a real truck that is used in your neighborhood.
Lower Basketball Court Grades: ALL
Workshop 6- Science Magic:  Students will conduct different hands-on science activities by visiting stations, predicting, experiment, having fun and learning at the same time.
Room 19 Pajon and Chen Grades: ALL
Workshop 7- GOOPY-GOOP! It’s gooey! It’s slimy! It stretches! What else can it do? Come investigate 2 states of matter and learn how to make your own goopy-goop to ‘WOW’ your friends!
Room 9 Bonham Grades: ALL

Science Workshops- Grades K-3
Workshop 8- The EGGciting EGGsperiments: Use your senses to figure out what is hidden inside a plastic egg and find out how you can make an egg float.
Room 16 Stock and Khutorskaya Grades: K-3
Workshop 9- Sour Power! What gives lemons and other fruit their sour taste? In this activity we will use a natural indicator to test the sour power in various soft drinks. Come learn what puts the pucker in pop.
Room 2 Freeman Grades: K-3
Workshop 10- Spin a Copter: Students will be able to make and fly their own mini copters.
Room 6 Johnson Grades: K-3
Workshop 11- Dancing Raisins: Drop objects into clear soda and see if they sink or float? What effect does carbon dioxide and buoyancy have on a raisin?
Room 15 Walker Grades: K-3

Science Workshops- Grades 3-5
Workshop 12- FUNderstanding Roller Coasters: Learn about forces in a roller coaster and build a miniature roller coaster using household materials.
Room 5 Dewald Grades: 2-5
Workshop 13- 3-D Building Minecraft Style: Build three-dimensional structures, but be careful! You have to finish before the plethora of Minecraft monsters get you. You will learn about new dimensions and challenge yourself to be the best builder you can be! 
Room 58 Bake Grades: 3-5

Math Workshops- Grades K-5
Workshop 14- Bracelet Patterns: Math has been defined as the study of patterns. Enjoy a fun night of making Bracelet Patterns and leave with a tasty treat.
Room 4 Lewis Grades: ALL
Workshop 15- Math Mania: Add, subtract or multiply your way through engaging games and exciting challenges!
Room 21 Huebner & Bravo Grades: 2-5
Workshop 16- Let’s Play NIM! Think like a Mathematician as your reasoning skills to outsmart friends and family as you learn this thousand-year-old strategy game from China.
Room 8 Cohen Grades: 3-5
Workshop 17- Battleship Geometry: A new twist on the classic game of Battleship! Find the hidden shapes on a coordinate grid. Can you find the vertices before you’re sunk?
Room 17 Kogen Grades: 3-5

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