Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, 2014.

Here are some online Earth Day activities.

Recycling in the City of LA

Here are some Recycling activities.

What You Can Recycle at the Curb
The Bureau of Sanitation issues blue containers for recycling. The following are items that can be placed in the recycling container:
  • Paper
  • -  All Clean Dry Paper   computer, ledger, wrapping, arts and craft paper, unwanted mail,
       flyers, telephone books, note cards, newspaper, blueprints,
       magazines, file folders, paper bags, Post-it notes, catalogs; and all
       envelopes including those with windows
    -  All Cardboard Boxes and Chipboard
       cereal, tissue, dry food, frozen food, shoe, and detergent boxes;
       paper and toilet rolls; and corrugated boxes broken down and
  • Cartons
  • - All Cartons - refrigerated, shelf-stable, aseptic packaging
       fruit juice boxes, orange juice and milk cartons, wine boxes,
       soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk boxes, cereal cartons,
       heavy cream cartons, egg substitute cartons, etc.
       Click here for more details.
  • Metals
  • -  All Aluminum, Tin, Metal, and Bi-Metal Cans   rinsed if possible, soda, juice, soup, vegetables, and pet food cans,
       pie tins, clean aluminum foils, empty paint and aerosol cans with
       plastic caps removed, and wire hangers
  • Glass
  • -  All Glass Bottles and Jars   rinsed if possible, soda, wine, beer, spaghetti sauce, pickle jars,
       broken bottles, and etc.
  • Plastics
  • -  All Clean Plastics 1 Through 7 -  Empty Plastic Containers   rinsed if possible, soda, juice, detergent, bleach, shampoo, lotion,     mouthwash, dishwashing liquid bottles, milk jugs, tubs for
       margarine and yogurt, plastic planters, food and blister packaging,
       rigid clamshell packaging, etc.
    -  All Plastic Bags and All Film Bags
       grocery bags and dry cleaner bags, and all clean film plastic
    -  All Clean Polystyrene (STYROFOAM™) 
       STYROFOAM™ cups, containers, and packaging
       such as STYROFOAM™ egg shell cartons, STYROFOAM™ block
       packaging, and STYROFOAM™ clamshell packaging
    -  Miscellaneous Plastics
       Plastic coat hangers, non-electric plastic toys, plastic swimming
       pools, & plastic laundry baskets
If these items are placed in the blue container, there's a likelihood of contaminating the other clean materials. Please ensure that the items placed in the blue container are clean and free from contaminants.
  • Contaminated Paperall soiled papers or bags with oils and food waste
  • Broken Glasswindow glass, mirror glass, auto glass, light bulbs, fluorescent lights and ceramics
  • Other Plasticplastic hygienic items, any electric or battery operated toys
  • Miscellaneous Materialselectrical cords, cloth/fabric, appliances, mini blinds, kitchen utensils, lawn furniture, garden hoses, rubber tires, construction materials, including asphalt or concrete, wood and wood products
  • Hazardous Materialselectronics, syringes, all partially filled aerosol cans and containers for cleaning fluids, automotive fluids, all batteries (including car batteries, household batteries, rechargeable batteries), pesticides, oil based paint, garden chemicals, and pool cleaners
    Hazardous Materials may be taken to our SAFE Centers and Collection Events.

To dispose of the hazardous materials please call:
1-800-98-TOXIC (1-800-988-6942)

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  1. Nice post.
    I agree with You.
    I was writing about food and plastics on FOOD AND PLASTICSthe other day.
    There is some chart to see what plastic is more harmful than other.