Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Family Science and Math Night Workshops

Family Science and Math Night
Brentwood Science Magnet
October 8, 2014
5:00 - 6:00: Pizza and drinks will be sold at the cafeteria
5:15 - 6:00: Registration
Choose 1 or 2 workshops from the list on the back and get your tickets in the office.
 6:00 - 6:30: Session 1
  6:35 - 7:05: Session 2

Science Workshops for All Grades
Workshop 1- Spin-A-Copter: Create mini copters and become test pilots. Students will explore how varying the size, shape and weight affect the way a helicopter spins.

Workshop 2- Ice Cream in Bag: In this yummy activity participants will learn that temperature is measured with a thermometer and that salt lowers the freezing point of water.

Workshop 3- Slime, Fizz, and Fun! Science activities using everyday household ingredients.

Workshop 4- Invisible Ink : Learn how to make invisible ink to write secret messages using basic household objects and the power of lemon juice.

Workshop 5- Straw Towers: Who can make the tallest tower? Challenge yourself to build the tallest tower that stands for a minimum of 15 seconds, using 35 straws and tape.

Workshop 6- Become a Computer Scientist:  Fun computer programming games for students and parents to do together.

Workshop 7- Gluep…Solid or Liquid? Plastics are all around us. Some are hard and others are soft. Most plastics are made in factories but here is one that you can make yourself.

Science Workshops for Grades K-3
Workshop 8- Sour Power! What gives lemons and other fruit their sour taste? In this activity we will use a natural indicator to test the sour power in various soft drinks. Come learn what puts the pucker in pop.

Science Workshops for Grades 3-5
Workshop 9- Funderstanding Roller Coasters: Learn about forces in a roller coaster and build a miniature roller coaster using household materials.

Math Workshops for Grades 3-5
Workshop 10- Multiplication Games: Learn fun multiplication games  to understand the concept of multiplication and practice memorization.

Workshop 11- Math Mania: Become math masters through engaging games and exciting challenges!

Workshop 12- Rock and Roll Math: Fun and easy multiplication and logic games. Workshop will be presented in Spanish and English.

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